• Laura

Richard templar

"If life was a series of lovely days, we'd soon get bored. If there was no rain, then there wouldn't be any feeling of great joy when it finally stopped and we could go to the beach. If it was all easy we couldn't get stronger." - Richard templar.

When I lost my mum, I never understood how I was feeling. They say there is 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. The stage I struggled the most with was anger. I never understood why I was so angry at life, my life, and those around me.

I started looking for self help books in hope for an answer. I never found one but 'The rules of life' by Richard Templar was a book that resonated with me. It wasn't just about grief, it was about life. It reminded me of the struggles we all go through, grieving or not. This book made me feel like I'm normal, whatever normal is. That it's okay to feel the way I do, not just about grief but everyday problems that we all face. This book really is for anyone, grieving or not because we all matter, and so do our problems. No matter how small they may seem.

This is my favourite passage from the book and possibly my favourite quote I have ever come across.It's just a little reminder of how important those bad days are, because if it was all easy, we couldn't get stronger.

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