About Me

Hello, my name is Laura Ash and I am the writer behind this blog. 

Three years ago I lost my Grandad, and a year after my Mum and Uncle died.

I was sixteen when my grandad died and had not long started college. Before this I had no experience of loss, grief or how to cope whilst grieving. 

I have been on a long journey since then. 

I have had to fall in love with life all over again and learn how to become a new version of myself without the support of the people I loved most in the world.

So why have I made this blog? 

I want to make this blog a safe space where anyone can speak of their grief. I was unprepared for what was coming, and I know how lonely grief can be. 

If this blog can make grief a little easier to bare even for one person, then my blog would've served it's purpose. 

I remember looking for an answer anywhere, as to why this happened to me. I bought so many self help books and I still couldn’t find one that resonated with me.  Each journey is individual, it’s special and it’s so important to grieve. No one should feel alone in their grief, that’s why I have created this blog. I have also included a section where you can send me your stories if you want to, only if you feel comfortable. Maybe in someone else's story you find comfort, maybe not but you are never alone. 

Welcome to WeBereave, I can't wait to start this journey with you.